Model: KZ 5000F

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At Food Truck Europe we design and build food trucks that are strong, durable, and functional. With interlocking systems and balanced weight distribution, it’s proven to last and be a solid, smooth moving machine.

Model: KZ TF

Food Truck Europe

You can save plenty by initially making the correct decision. Food Truck Europe  prices are made based on value, so we compete with many manufactures. Buying your Food Truck directly from our factory will become easier than ever

Model: KZ 8000F

Food Truck Europe

At Food Truck Europe we offer a wide variety of designs that best fit your needs and application. With a brand new or refurbished truck, plus well known custom features and accessories; there’s no doubt we can meet or exceed your expectations.

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Our greatest focus is to manufacturer high-quality food trucks or concession trailers that are affordable to our target market. Contact us for all your food truck and trailer requirements. We are keen on the highest industry standards to ensure we continue to offer great value inventions to our clients.

Model: 5000S

Food Truck Europe

So, you have a passion for cooking and want to turn it into a career. Do you always dream of starting a restaurant but don’t have enough capital? Does owning a food truck business cross your mind? Follow along as to learn how to do it.

Model: KZ Citroen

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Many people are out on the street all the time running their errands. While doing it, they need a place where they can grab a bite to reboot their metabolism. That is where the food truck business comes in. So, do you know what a food truck business is?

Model: KZ-VL1

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A food truck business is a mobile restaurant. It is a mobile food business setting that is set up in a truck. Moreover, the truck has modern kitchen equipment where food is cooked and served.

Boss yourself

If you are tired of receiving orders from all directions, it’s time to be your boss. In the truck business, you will make decisions, implement them, and make orders of how things should run. Most noteworthy, you will be in charge of everything, which is fresh and exciting.

Piaggio series

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Live your dream

You look at a food truck down the street and wish it as yours, right? You have fantastic cooking skills and want to start a business to earn from it, or you have a background of working in a similar setting and want to be on your own? All these can drive you into realizing your dream of owning the busine


Food Truck Europe


We take great pride in building food trucks and trailers that are beautiful to the eye, exquisite on the inside and durable for years to come.

This is why we only work with high quality materials and our experienced team follows strict protocols to ensure your mobile kitchen will meet every code and regulation no matter where you are.

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