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Commercial Equipment Needed to Start a Food Truck

Are you gearing up to start your own food truck business? Do you have the food truck already? To get things started, you need to design the interior of the truck to fit in the equipment necessary to prepare and serve the items on your menu. Are you wondering what you are assumed to buy?

Just like any other restaurant, to start up your mobile food vending business, you need to install a commercial kitchen in the truck. Depending on the space available, the law requires you to build in a cooking area, chilling, serving, and serving area.

Before you do that, you need to evaluate the space available and the items on the menu that you are going to serve. Are you going to prepare everything on sight, or are you going to do it somewhere else and come with prepared food in the truck?

Characteristics of the best equipment

Do you know the specific qualities of the right appliances to fit in your truck? Installing the machine will cost you much money. How do you understand you have the best commercial equipment? They should have the following characteristics:


Never compromise on the quality of what you are about to install. That’s because getting the right quality goes a long way in ensuring you have long-lasting equipment in your truck that will save you from constant repairs and replacement. How do you know a good quality?

That is where a professional comes in. They have experience and knowledge to know which is the best stove, griller, freezer, or counter surface to have. Moreover, they can understand what will suit well in your truck to give you the service you need.


How well is the equipment serving its purpose? Is the knife rack holding the knives ell, is the freezer functioning like it should? A good machine works efficiently to make work more manageable in the truck. So, if you have the right quality, efficiency won’t be an issue.

Fitting well

Unlike in the restaurant where space is big, having a commercial kitchen installed in a truck can be hectic. Therefore, everything must conform and be in the right area so as not to crowd the truck. For that reason, you should purchase equipment that suits your food truck.

Long lasting

You are spending much money when buying the truck and installing the right equipment. Furthermore, you need something that will stay for long without replacing. However, it might cost you a lot to buy a freezer and installing it. Also, having one that will not require replacement will save you money and time.

Cost friendly

Look for the best deal for the equipment you need. Yes, each is expensive, but that does not mean everything expensive is of the right quality. Most noteworthy, buy in bulk from one supplier to get the best price. You can also use your designer when shopping so that he or she can give you tricks on how to get the best at a fair price.