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Food Truck Europe - Customization / Modernization

  1. List out the equipment which you will be using based on the product that you want to sell. We can also provide you with the equipment.
  2. Decide the perfect trailer size you need based on Step 1
  3. We will offer the quote and 2D/3D drawings based on Step 2. Afterwards we will negotiate and discuss until you are satisfied with the final sketch.
  4. Once the deposit is received we will start building the trailer. The progress will be reported through photos and/or videos.
  5. The final balance will have to be paid once the trailer is finished. Afterwards we will arrange the shipping based on transaction's terms.
  6. For more information regarding the purchase of the trailer, please contact us. We are here to assist you through the entire process.
food truck europe

Product standard introduction

– Chassis

Integral steel frame construction: square tube: 100*50*4mm + 60*40*2mm. Suspension components: 5-leaf springs with axle; treated with rust resistant protective coating.
Maximum speed (kilometre/hour): 40KM/H. Special made chassis is optional for higher speed.
– Body
Wall frame is welded by square tubes: 40*60*2mm external wall is high quality galvanized sheet with colourful painting (contact us for the colour book), middle layer is a 5cm heat insulation, internal wall is High quality stainless steel, one selling window available in front, normal size is 2000*1100mm. Other window size is available with waterproof sealing strip.
– Electric accessories
General control, automatic power failure protector, two rows of led spotlights on the ceiling and selling window. All standard sockets, quantity as needed high visibility tail light signal system (brake, turn, back)


Trailer price includes

–> Floor

3 layers: 2mm non-slip embossed aluminium + 10mm plywood or pvc +1mm galvanised sheet.
-> Wheels
- double axles (four wheels); 14 or 15 inch tires; one guide wheel.
– >Water sinks
- double sinks with hot and cold water taps.
- 3 compartments sink is optional.
- a fresh water tank, a waste water tank (25L/tank standard).
- other capacity tank is available.
- 12V mini water pump, on/off control switch.
–> Workbench
- two-layer stainless steel work bench on each side W*H: 450*900mm. Other size is available. Inside layout customization is available.
- outside extension / folding counter.

food truck europe


Food Trailer Product Details


Food Trailer Note:

  1. The body’s dimension is not fixed as per the table above and you can have your own size and design. Customization is available.
  2. The brakes are included if the body’s length is bigger than 400CM (13.1ft). If the trailer’s size is shorter you can have the brake system installed at a certain cost.
  3. If you have any questions regarding the trailer or its design, feel free to contact us.




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