Body structure:

Our airstream trailer is made of 3 layers with thickness of 6cm. The outside front
and back cover is one piece made ber glass with painting, both sides are made
of galvanized steel plate with painting.
The middle is lled with 5cm thickness thermal insulation rock wool. The interior
wall is made of steel plate with white painting.

Technical specification:

Body dimension: 3600*1700*1700mm
Material: Double galvanized steel plate with double color painting
(can be installed electric motor with 4kw)

Standard equipment:

● 304 food level 1.6mm double stainless steel work bench with underneath cabinets and stamping doors

● water sink*1(400*400mm), faucet,DC 12V water pump, stainless steel clean water tank(200L)and waste water tank(100L), water pipes(We can also make US standard water sink: 3 compartment water sink and 1 separate hand washing sink, dam board and drain board, clean water tank and waste water tank)

● Non slip aluminum oor. Bottom-S2.5 cooling plate; Middle-plastic plate; Top-Embossed non slip aluminum sheet.

● Australia standard tow bar with electromagnetic brake and hit brake(we can also provide German tow bar, which has electromagnetic brake, hand brake and hit brake)

● Front service window(3m long) and 1 back door(starlight on the selling window is our patent) Four triangle jacks, double axles and four wheels Electric system includes power box, leakage protector, air switches, sockets, lighting system, external power socket, tail lights, and wires for the whole trailer.

● LED lights inside and shelf on back wall

● Customized logo, sticker and color

Inner layout – We can customize the inside kitchen according to your specic requirement.

For more details please contact us.